Protect Our Winters - Iceland Adventure

Aspen Expeditions is thrilled to be teaming up with Protect Our Winters and Aurora Arkitka Sailing to bring you the ski trip of a lifetime, March 29th - April 4th, 2020.  This trip is a culmination of our commitment to eco-minded guiding, the unveiling of POW's new Cost of Carbon offset program, and captain Siggi's pro green mission.  As a bonus, we are including a bit of snow science and avalanche education to complete this memorable trip.

This joint adventure offers the opportunity to sail Icelandic fjords, ride from summit to sea, achieve an AIARE level one certificate, eat fresh fish, learn about the climate and hang out with one of the coolest captains in the North Atlantic.  We provide the boat, captain, food, guides, educators and entertainment.  You provide valuable funding to support POW's new Cost of Carbon program and sustain a pro-snow world.  

The west fjordlands of Iceland offer a vast range of skiing options making Iceland a touring dream.  We will tour from fjord to fjord, occasionally stopping along the way to discuss avalanche terrain and the snowpack.  We will test our newly acquired snowpack knowledge as often as possible as we schuss our way between fjords. Captain Siggi will round out our education with his first hand accounts of climate changes he's encountered around Iceland, Greenland and Northern Europe. 

We recognize climate change is a impending problem for the ski touring community.  Warming temperatures may decrease snowpack totals, we may see more rain on snow events causing rapid destabilization in the snowpack and increased weather anomalies. Protect Our Winters has developed a community of snow lovers to help instigate governmental change to address this issue.  As guides and educators, we recognize our important opportunity to inform others about the negative impacts that climate change has on the snowpack and steps we can take to inspire change.

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