Dynafit Meteorite Ski

Free Touring skis - pure power and performance merged in a playful and versatile set-up.

The Meterorite Free Touring ski is a playful, versatile setup for all freeriders who like to get to the top of powder slopes using their own muscle power, sticking to the saying, "Earn your turns." The combination of a Ride Tip and an ash-poplar wood core lends the ski perfect damping properties to reduce chatter without giving up lightness. The lightest effort creates edge pressure that gets a reaction from the skis. Despite the powerful rocker shape, the Meteorite is a great choice even on the toughest terrain. The Double Ellipse Rocker allows you to vary edge contact to guarantee the perfect edge length. A free touring ski that is lightweight, forgiving and playful.

170 177 184
SIDECUT TOP - MIDDLE - BOTTOM 124 - 96 - 114 126 - 97 - 116 127 - 98 - 117
RADIUS 17 18 20
TIP 430 450 470
TAIL 230 250 270

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