Japan Powder Skiing / February 1-8 2020

The Japanese island of Hokkaido is famous for its cold, deep and dry snow.  This is because of cold air fronts coming out of Siberia, then mixing with moisture as they cross the Sea of Japan. The result is huge dumps of the cold dry fluffy stuff.   The terrain in Hokkaido is mostly birch tree glade skiing.  On the occasions when it stops snowing and we can see much, there are opportunities to climb and summit some of the bigger alpine volcanoes.  

This trip is guided by our Head Guide and Co-owner Amos Whiting as well as a local Japanese guide Mako.  Where our trips stand apart from other Hokkaido trip is our trips are run by a mix of a world class IFMGA Guide with over 20 years of experience guiding around the world, as well as a local certified guide who not only knows the slopes well but will take us to the the secret restaurants. The culinary experience is almost worth the trip itself.  

We will fly directly into Sapporo (SPK), Japan and start our trip off based in the outskirts of this c

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